Simcyp acquired by Certara

Simcyp ( was founded in 2001 by Professor Geoff Tucker, Professor Amin Rostami-Hodjegan and John Evans.  It provides a modeling and simulation platform for predicting the fate of drugs in virtual populations, including pediatric populations.

Certara (, headquartered in St Louis, MO, USA is dedicated to improving human health through a broad spectrum of software products and services, from molecular discovery through clinical development, with special focus on supporting translational approaches to drug development.  Certara was formed by uniting Tripos, which provides scientific software solutions and services to enable researchers to improve the efficiency of molecular discovery, with Pharsight Corporation, provider of software and scientific consulting services to improve productivity and decision-making in preclinical and clinical drug development. 

As a Certara portfolio company, Simcyp will continue to provide platforms for the modeling and simulation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in virtual human populations and virtual laboratory animals (rat, dog and mouse).  The technology allows pharmaceutical researchers to predict in vivo outcomes from routinely generated in vitro data, to fit Simcyp models to observed clinical data, and to assess inter-individual variability through ‘real-life’ simulations.  This informs decision-making in drug development.  Simcyp will also continue to provide expert consultancy services, run educational workshops, and support academic and drug regulatory research through the provision of not-for-profit simulator licences.

John Evans, managing director at Simcyp said “We’re very pleased to become part of the Certara team.  The acquisition by Certara will allow Simcyp to focus on its core competence whilst allowing us to draw on the broader drug development expertise available within the Certara family.  Clients from across the spectrum of drug discovery and development will have access to a broader range of products and services, which will be enhanced by combining the attributes of Tripos, Simcyp, and Pharsight science and functionality.”

In the financial year ended July 2011, Simcyp made £1.9m post-tax profit.

Fusion IP will receive approximately $6.4m in cash from the sale of its 20% shareholding in Simcyp, of which approximately 14% is being held in escrow for a period, as security for certain warranty and indemnity cover.  The majority of the cash will be used to invest in a number of Fusion’s existing portfolio companies and for the creation of new portfolio companies from its exclusive university partnerships, in line with its business model.

David Baynes, CEO of Fusion, said “We are delighted to announce our first significant exit from our growing portfolio of companies.  Simcyp is a world-class software company and the 200 fold return we have made on our investment amply demonstrates the excellence of our university pipeline agreements and the value that can be extracted from these exclusive relationships.”


Posted on Friday, 08 June 2012 under Company News