Haemostatix completes third round fundraising

Esperante is a privately-held Netherlands-based venture investment company focused on investing into therapeutics and diagnostics development companies in late preclinical or clinical development phase in Europe or North America.

This is the third round of funding the company has secured in the last 12 months.

Haemostats are used by surgeons to manage problematic bleeding and to reduce time in the operating theatre during surgery.  The products are applied in the form of sprays, gels or pads, and typically contain the enzyme thrombin, which promotes blood clotting, as the active ingredient.

Haemostatix (www.haemostatix.com) has developed a new class of active ingredient based on a peptide that binds to another blood clotting protein, fibrinogen, instantly forming a clot.

Dr Ben Nichols, CEO of Haemostatix, commented “There is a real need for rapid acting, ready-to-use haemostats that are safe and cost-effective, and we believe our technology can deliver these benefits to surgeons and their patients.”

Haemostatix is based at Nottingham’s BioCity and was originally a spin-out from Leicester University.

SPARK Ventures first invested Haemostatix in 2005 and currently holds a 38% stake via managed funds.  Other existing investors include Catapult Venture Managers, NESTA, and the Lachesis Fund.

Posted on Monday, 01 August 2011 under Company News