Free IP – Bristol and King’s College London follow Glasgow's lead

Earlier this year, Glasgow became the first UK university to offer IP, including leading medical and scientific research, to business and entrepreneurs free of charge.

The £80,000 award will be used to fund a collaborative project to move the free IP concept on to create a consortium of open-innovation universities.  The project aims to promote free IP opportunities to industry and increase awareness of the vital role universities have in stimulating innovation and economic competitiveness.

Dr Kevin Cullen, director of Research and Enterprise at the University of Glasgow, who is leading the project, said "We hope to run an open and accessible project which aims to embed and test a new approach to licensing whilst stimulating debate around the issues of university and company collaboration, and the role which universities have in encouraging innovation for the benefit of UK society and the economy."

Dr Neil Bradshaw, director of Enterprise at the University of Bristol, said "This pioneering project will advance the use of IP created by our three Universities by innovative growth companies and offers a new way for Universities to contribute to the growth required in the UK economy."

Dr Alison Campbell, managing director, King’s College London Business, said “This project allows us to capitalise on our ethos of open innovation at King’s. Our ambition is that it enables more effective engagement with industry across the sector.”

The universities successfully bid for the funding through the Intellectual Property Office Fast Forward Competition, and the £80,000 award was only one of ten projects funded.

Posted on Wednesday, 11 May 2011 under University news



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