Company Listings

This listing includes all companies emerging from UK universities and other relevant research institutes since 2000, whether spinouts (based on university IP), start-ups (formed by university staff and recent graduates but not based on university IP), or others (for example not-for-profit organisations and student companies).

1715 Labs University of Oxford spinout
21 Media Innovations Lancaster University spinout
2D Code University of Edinburgh start-up
2D Technologies University of Cambridge start-up
2-DTech University of Manchester spinout
2Ei Heriot Watt University spinout
376 Promotions University of Edinburgh start-up
3D Engine University of Birmingham spinout
3D Innovative Designs University of Surrey spinout
3D Molecular Sciences University of Hertfordshire spinout
3D Repo University College London spinout
3Dynamic Systems Swansea University spinout
3f bio University of Strathclyde spinout
3L University of Edinburgh other
3P- Sense University College London spinout
4D Pharma Research University of Aberdeen spinout
6Degrees University of Oxford spinout
83db University of Edinburgh start-up
8over8 Ulster University spinout
8power University of Cambridge spinout
A2SP University of Warwick spinout
AANDSA Pharma Swansea University spinout
Abcellute Cardiff University spinout
Abcodia University College London spinout
AberGene University of Aberdeen spinout
Abingdon Health University of Birmingham other
AbiQuest University of Hull spinout
About Time Design London South Bank University start-up
Absynth Biologics University of Sheffield spinout
Abzena University College London other