Spinouts UK database

The listing was created to provide a regularly updated continuous time series of data.  The project is now in its sixth year, and has benefited from the cumulative nature of the data collection, with older records completed and corrected, and new records added every quarter.

The records are updated regularly after the publication of the Spinouts UK Quarterly Journal, which gives news, comment, and analysis of the university commercialisation sector in general and spinouts in particular, and reports and tables of new spinouts, recent exits, and recent investments.

The database can be accessed in one of two ways:

Premium subscription:  £120.00


A Premium subscription covers four issues of the Quarterly Journal, and also gives subscribers password-enabled access to the searchable online database on a record by record basis, with details including:

  • Company name, and previous or alternate name
  • Registration number and date of incorporation
  • Market sector
  • Location, website URL, description
  • Current status
  • Details of exit if applicable (IPO or trade sale, date, value on exit etc)

There are many filters to enable searching, and spinouts can be viewed record by record.  

Database download:  £750.00 (+ VAT £150.00)

The database is updated regularly, and the latest up-to-date version can be provided as an Excel spreadsheet for those wanting to undertake more detailed analysis.  In addition to the fields listed under the Premium subscription, it includes amongst others:

  • Turnover and employee bands, where available
  • Aggregate equity investment bands, and investors

To order either option, email spinouts@ycf.co.uk giving the following details:


  • Product required:  Premium subscription £120.00, or Database download £750.00+VAT
  • Name:
  • Position:
  • Organisation:
  • Mailing address:
  • Telephone:

Posted on Thursday, 07 May 2015