Description of data fields

Company:   company name at the time of spinout
Alternative/previous name:   any other name by which the company has been known previously or is now known (to aid searches for a specific company)
Company number:   registration number on Companies House record (for UK companies)
•    Active:   still trading
Exits (date of exit is given in separate field):
•    Trade sale:   acquired by a third party organisation
•    Flotation:   listing on a stock exchange (mainly the London Stock Exchange’s AIM); the stock exchange code is given in the Comment field
•    Merger:   company merged with other businesses
•    Gazette:   applied for voluntary strike off
•    Liquidation:   appointed liquidator to wind up the company
Sector:   market sector, as defined in pull-down menu
Incorporated:   date of incorporation as given on Companies House record
Started trading:   date started trading if different from above
Town:   company’s main trading office
Postcode:   company’s main trading office
Description:   text normally taken from TTO listing or company website
University:   HEI or HEIs from which company was spun out or started up
Department:   university department in which the company originated
Category:   whether spinout or start-up, as defined in pull down menu
University staff:   One or more company executives are from university staff
IP licence:   Company is exploiting IP licensed from university
Collaboration:   Company collaborates with University on R&D
Location:   independence of company, with following categories:
•    within university department
•    in university incubation facilities
•    on a university science park or other university location
•    independent of the university
Investors:   main equity investors
Exit date:   date on which company was acquired, listed on stock market, applied for voluntary strike off, or appointed liquidator
Value on exit:   in the case of trade sales and flotations, the valuation put on the business by the acquirer or by the share price
Market cap:   for listed companies, the current market capitalisation given on the LSE website
Science park & incubator:   where the company is located (if applicable)

The following information has been collected on a confidential basis, and companies have been assured that it will only be used in aggregate, and not directly attributable to the company.

Turnover:   most recently reported annual revenue, in following bands:
pre-revenue; < £100k; £101k-£500k; £501k-£1m; £1m-£5m;  > £5m
Employees:   most recently reported employee numbers, in following bands:
< 10; 11-50; 51-100; 101-500; > 500
Equity:   equity raised from external independent investors, in following bands:
< £250k; £250k-£500k; £0.5m-£1m; £1m-£5m; £5m-£10m; > £10m